Debunking Staffing Agency Myths

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Because you are reading this blog, you are likely considering working with HCI. Like many people who are unfamiliar with our services or who have never used a staffing firm, you probably have questions. Let’s discuss some misconceptions about using an agency in order to debunk three staffing agency myths.

According to the September/October 2018 issue of the American Staffing Association’s Staffing Success magazine, the three most common misperceptions about working with staffing companies are:

  • Staffing and recruiting companies have selfish motives.
  • Staffing and recruiting companies are all the same.
  • Staffing and recruiting companies are primarily for people who cannot find a position on their own.

Let’s go through each one separately in the words of our recruiters and account executives.

Selfish motives?

Jeb Parichy, Recruiter:

“I take that misconception personally because any business has to be money motivated to be successful, but for me it’s more than that. In all of my 27 years of experience, I have done it the same way: I spend countless hours getting to know each candidate personally in order to find a job that fits who they are as people and professionals. I get personal with them by discussing their pets, children, hobbies, spouses, etc. I get to know them to better match their needs to the right job in the right location. Together we spend countless hours preparing. I love doing this because I get to help people support their families, get out of debt, or help them reach their career goals. I know I impact each person I help place. They often send me pictures and notes thanking me for changing their lives. I recently got someone a $50,000 increase from their previous job! One person sent me a picture of her on the Eiffel Tower on her 23rd wedding anniversary. (I have that one hanging on my office wall.) So for me, recruiting has nothing to do with being selfish. Heck, I am here by 5:15 a.m. and I give my cell number to each candidate I work with so they can call me 24/7 (including weekends).”

Kelly Bajusz, Account Executive:

“I work for hours on end matching the exact skill set the client is looking for with the candidate. I take it a step further by ensuring the candidate’s personality will fit in well with the client’s established staff. It’s very time consuming work, but in the end, the match is what drives me to continue. I spend the time getting to know my client’s needs until I find the perfect fit — like a key in a lock. The greatest reward, and what keeps me coming back, is hearing a laboratory manager, for example, thank me for staffing her lab for the best possible patient care. That’s what empowers me to continue. After all, it’s patient care that we’re affecting in the end.”

All the same?

Jason Malone, Recruiter:

“The biggest difference between us and other firms is that HCI is exclusive to the laboratory industry. We are the industry leader in clinical and anatomic pathology recruitment. That’s all we do. Nobody else has the established laboratory connections we have. We’ve partnered with more than 1,450 clients and serviced over 12,000 lab staffing projects. Our database includes over 100,000 laboratory professionals. We know the industry and the key players in it.”

Antwan Spivey, Recruiter:

“Because of our long history with most of our clients, we have a strong understanding of their needs. We spend the time searching, making phone calls, and setting up interviews for our clients.”

Can't find jobs on their own?

Michael DeQuarto, Senior Recruiter:

“We work directly with lab directors and managers. When we submit a resume it goes directly to them. If a job seeker goes online and applies to a position on their own, it often goes to the black hole that is Human Resources.”

Gene Marks, Consulting Recruiter:

“In my 30 years of experience, I have found that staffing agencies allow people to realize and/or surpass their dreams and ambitions by increasing their marketability as candidates. We help them get superior titles, more money with greater benefits, or better locations in which to work. Joining forces with an agency often results in something better and is often more than the candidate was initially looking for.”

Donato Valera-Teano, Senior Recruiter:

“Agencies are efficient time savers. On your own you can search for jobs and apply to each one individually often without knowing the pay, the culture, as well as many other factors. Working with me at this agency, I can submit you to multiple jobs at once and I’ll already know the salary structure and the other factors not publicized in advertisements. Because HCI only staffs clinical and anatomic pathology, I know the industry, hiring managers, and facilities. I’m able to speak with you and know if it’ll be a good fit, wasting very little time. Plus, I will get your resume in front of a hiring manager instead of in Human Resources’ inbox.”

You should use us!

In summary, I’ll close with what Recruiter Sadie Samuel says are her top four reasons to use HCI for your next job search:

“Free: It does not cost anything to use us.

Feedback: When applying on your own, candidates typically don’t hear any feedback for why they were not selected. I always get feedback and I will share that feedback with you so we can use it to your benefit.

Pay: I believe most people do not know how to negotiate pay. Some people are reluctant about asking for what they are worth. I know how much you are worth and I can get you the pay you are looking for.

Record Keeping: Some candidates don’t recall where they submitted their resumes. This is a negative because some facilities frown upon double submittals. I will ask you where you would like your resume to be sent, suggest other locations, and keep all the records for you.”

Now that you’ve heard from us, give us a call at (954) 346-4475 to discuss any other questions you may have about our services. We will be happy to get to know you so we can find your perfect career fit.

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