Experiencing laboratory staffing challenges?

With over twenty years of experience exclusively staffing your industry, HCI is a valuable resource for laboratories experiencing critical staffing shortages.

From per-diem to short- or long-term travelers to permanent employees at all levels, HCI has who you need, including:

Laboratory Staffing

How we do it

Experience. With a 25% market share and relationships 15-20 years strong, we know just who to call!

HCI combines our extensive candidate database with experienced networking and recruiting skills to create solutions.

Our senior recruiters will find the perfect solution by listening to your facility’s challenges, learning about your current team, and asking evaluative questions.

Staffing options and solutions

HCI has built working relationships with laboratories nationwide by creating solutions. We provide temporary staffing/travelers as well as permanent placements on a retainer or contingency basis to assist with:

  • Critically understaffed departments
  • Hard-to-fill positions
  • Confidential searches
  • Special projects such as LIS implementation
  • Census fluctuations
  • Vacations, maternity leaves, and leaves of absence

At a minimum we conduct employment reference checks and verify degrees, certifications, and state licensure. If applicable we perform pre-employment screening including background checks, drug screens, credentialing, compliance with employee health requirements, government clearances, and more.

Laboratory Staffing Challenges