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Sadie Samuel

How long have you worked as a recruiter?

I have been with HealthCare Connections for four years. I’ve been in the recruiter role since June of 2018 and prior to that I was a clinical solutions associate.

Why are you a recruiter?

I work as a recruiter for the clinical and anatomic pathology laboratory because I enjoy helping people and I’m working in my field. I graduated college with a Bachelors Degree in Healthcare Management and prior to that (since high school) I worked in health administration/human resources. It is so rewarding to help people find jobs in their career field. When they fill their goals by finding their dream jobs or going to areas they never thought of going, I am fulfilled.

What’s your favorite part of being a recruiter?

Hiring someone is definitely the best. I love to call the candidate to congratulate them. It is so rewarding to finalize the process after going through the paperwork, preparing for and sending the candidate to interviews, then negotiating the offers. Hearing the person’s smile over the phone is amazing.

What other jobs have you held?

Most of my jobs since high school were in health care, except when I was a college intern for Wells Fargo. I have worked as a hospital administrator, human resources representative, and a staffing coordinator in a nursing home/rehabilitation center.

What do you do when you are not working?

I was born in the US Virgin Islands and have lived in Florida since I was a child. The beach and my culture are very important to me. Celebrating the beach, in my free time I design women’s swimwear. I plan to eventually sell them in an online store called iLLest Kollections, but right now I design and send them to my manufacturer to create. The other thing I really enjoy doing is taking part in Miami Carnival, an annual festival celebrating Caribbean-American communities. I dress up in costumes, paint my face, dance, listen to traditional music, and eat delicious culturally-typical food.

What is your favorite vacation spot(s)?

I love to travel and plan to do more of it. The Caribbean Islands are my favorites because I enjoy beach activities including jet skiing, boating, and riding inflatable Banana Boats. In 2017 I visited Colorado and finally saw snow. It was so pretty, but too cold!

If you worked in the laboratory, where would you want to work and why?

I really respect people who work with human tissues, but that’s not for me. I could work with fluids, but I think I’d prefer to use my managerial skills instead.

How do you respond when a potential laboratory employee tells you they are unsure about using an agency for their job search?

There are so many reasons to use an agency, but HCI is specifically set apart from the rest because we are very unique. We have a market niche that other companies do not. We specialize solely in the clinical and anatomic laboratory, which separates us from others.

Here are my top four reasons to use HCI for your job search:

      • Free: It does not cost anything to use us.
      • Feedback: When applying on your own, candidates typically don’t hear any feedback for why they were not selected. I always get feedback and I will share that feedback with you so we can use it to your benefit.
      • Pay: I believe most people do not know how to negotiate pay. Some people are reluctant about asking for what they are worth. I know how much you are worth and I can get you the pay you are looking for.
      • Record Keeping: Some candidates don’t recall where they submitted their resumes. This is a negative because some facilities frown upon double submittals. I will ask you where you would like your resume to be sent, suggest other locations, and keep all the records for you.

Using an agency is like having someone there with you the whole time to help. I will get you from point A to point Z.

If you had to give just one tip for interviewing, what would it be?

Never talk poorly about your previous employer. No matter what you went through, just say you are looking for a better opportunity. An employer doesn’t want to hire someone who is very negative. Even if it was really bad, it just shouldn’t be said. Don’t be negative. Try to find at least one positive quality.

Sadie Samuel, Recruiter
Sadie Samuel, Recruiter
Sadie in Puerto Rico
Sadie is an adventure seeker. Here she is in Puerto Rico four wheeling with some friends.
Sadie loves the beach/ocean
Sadie surrounds herself with beaches, oceans, sun, and fun. Here she is fishing for the first time in Key West, FL. It took an enormous amount of patience, but in the end she got the perfect catch.
Brr. Skiing in Colorado
Skiing looks so much easier than it is. Brrrr. She's definitely more of a sun worshiper, but admitted that skiing was fun.
Miami Carnival
Miami Carnival is one of Sadie's favorite annual activities. Because she was born in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, she attends the event every year to represent her culture and heritage.
Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA
Sadie loves to travel. Here she is in LA's Chinatown where the movie "Rush Hour" was shot.
Sadie at a LA zoo
In Los Angeles, Sadie visited an abandoned zoo. She loved LA. The weather was beautiful and the scenery was gorgeous.
Miami Carnival
Sadie takes pride in her cultural customs and is happy to celebrate them every year at Miami Carnival.

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