What is a lab traveler?

A traveler seeks adventure by taking their career on the road filling high-demand positions in labs that are critically short staffed. Typical assignments range from 13 to 26 weeks but can vary.

Traveling is resume building.

Gain valuable technical skills from various lab settings. Become proficient on multiple instruments and lab information systems. Adapt to new environments. Develop interpersonal skills and relationships.


What makes HCI’s travel team different?

Our travel team stands above the rest. We provide our clients with the most qualified lab staff in the industry.

If you have great lab skills, a positive outlook, and are dedicated to your profession, you are who we want! Join our team of lab professionals and experience the freedom and rewards of being an HCI traveler.

Where Will You Travel?

Decide where you want to go; we will find the right position for you. Travel solo or bring a significant other including your loved furry friends. Just pack your bags and open your mind to new adventures!

We staff all 50 states; some of our most popular travel areas include: