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Why HCI?

  • Laboratories nationwide are experiencing severe staffing shortages. Lab managers continue to report difficulty finding certified people.
  • We can help you address all of your lab talent needs!
  • In our 20 years specializing in laboratory staffing services, we’ve partnered with over 1,450+ clients and serviced 12,000+ lab staffing projects.
  • HCI is the industry leader in clinical and anatomic pathology recruitment and one of the very few firms dedicated exclusively to lab staffing.
Specializing in Laboratory Staffing
Laboratory Staffing Services

Your Career, Your Choice

  • We offer many career options including permanent job opportunities, travel assignments, local contracts, and consulting positions.
  • HCI has the industry knowledge, experience, and contacts to move your career forward!

Where will Your Lab Career Take You?

As a nationwide laboratory staffing firm, we provide choices in all 50 states. Below are a few of our hottest areas.

Are you experiencing staffing challenges?

Do you have job openings that are difficult to fill?

We love a good challenge.

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