Meet your Recruiter: Donato Valera-Teano

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In this recurring Q & A series, you will learn about that person with whom you've been speaking, emailing, and texting -- your recruiter. They know a lot about you, but now it's your turn to learn about them. And you'll finally be able to see if the voice matches the person you imagined!

Name: Donato Valera-Teano

How long have you worked as a Clinical Solutions Talent Manager/Lead Travel Recruiter?

I have worked in the staffing industry for 13 years. I am a recruiter now, but in the past I worked as an account executive and manager.

Why are you a Clinical Solutions Talent Manager/Lead Travel Recruiter?

I work as a lead travel recruiter because I enjoy finding positions for people in the clinical and anatomic laboratory as well as filling the needs of laboratories nationwide.

What’s your favorite part of being a Clinical Solutions Talent Manager/Lead Travel Recruiter?

I have worked on both sides of employee staffing: temporary/travel and permanent. My real passion is on the temporary side because I like the challenge of finding someone to fill an immediate short-term position. I like the quick turnaround of temporary positions versus permanent positions which typically take much longer.

What other jobs have you held?

My first job was as a waiter. I was also a mortgage loan officer. Along with my current role as a senior travel recruiter, I am also a martial arts instructor and have been for eight years.

What do you do when you are not working?

When I’m not working I’m training in mixed martial arts, surfing, skateboarding, or break dancing.

What is your favorite vacation spot(s)?

I have two favorites: El Salvador for surfing and Thailand for Muay Thai, a traditional form of close-combat kickboxing that uses the entire body.

If you worked in the laboratory, where would you want to work and why?

I think I’d work in the anatomic pathology side because I would be working hands-on with actual specimens not just fluids.

How do you respond when a potential laboratory employee tells you they are unsure about using an agency for their job search?

Agencies are efficient time savers. On your own you can search for jobs and apply to each one individually often without knowing the pay, the culture, as well as many other factors. Working with me at this agency, I can submit you to multiple jobs at once and I’ll already know the salary structure and the other factors not publicized in advertisements. Because HCI only staffs clinical and anatomic pathology, I know the industry, hiring managers, and facilities. I’m able to speak with you and know if it’ll be a good fit, wasting very little time. Plus, I will get your resume in front of a hiring manager instead of in Human Resources’ inbox.

What is the craziest thing a potential laboratory employee has told you?

We flew a potential employee to an interview, but instead of renting a car he walked — 20 miles — and even slept under an overpass. He said when he came back from the cross-country interview, his girlfriend had cheated on him and drove away in his trailer. He was left with nothing.

If you had to give just one tip for interviewing, what would it be?

Ask questions! Asking questions throughout the interview opens the door to opportunity. You will relate more with your interviewer, sell your skills set and personality, and better determine if the job will be a good match for you.

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Donato Valera-Teano, senior travel recruiter for anatomic and clinical pathology
Surfing is Donato's favorite
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