6 packing tips for your next laboratory assignment

You've signed the contract, submitted your paperwork and compliance documentation, and your first day of work is coming right up. It’s time to start thinking about what to pack to make yourself comfortable for your 13-week (or longer) assignment.

Packing for a long assignment can be daunting. Heck, even a two-week trip can cause the feeling of dread when you stare at your empty suitcase.

AAA.com recommends starting a few weeks prior to the trip by making a checklist of everything you should pack. As part of your checklist, consider bringing along some items to keep you grounded and give you a sense of home in your faraway location.

Here are six items that are often frequently forgotten or not considered at all:

And remember, we’re here to help. If something is amiss with your accommodations, give us a ring; we’re here for you.

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