Hot Jobs for Both Types of Winter People

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It seems there are two kinds of people during the winter: the "hibernators" and the "embracers".

The “hibernators” typically stay inside warm and cozy and only venture outside to get to and from the car. They count the days until spring. Just the thought of December to March can leave them in a disappointing shiver.

The “embracers” are the ones who get outside and take advantage of the coldest months of the year. They like the cool air and winter sports. Depending on where they are, they enjoy watching the snow fall and taking part in cold-weather activities like making snowmen, sledding, or snowshoeing.

The "Hibernator"
The "Embracer"

Lucky for both kinds of winter people, we’ve got a lot of hot clinical and anatomic pathology jobs on both spectrums! Here are five of our hottest jobs.

Two Hot Jobs in Cold New England

We have two of our hottest northern New England jobs not too far from each other. Here the snowpack is deepening and winter sports like ice skating, ice fishing, skiing, and snowshoeing are awaiting your arrival.

The first facility is in New Hampshire in a vibrant, academic and professional community offering an unmatched quality of life in a beautiful, heavily rural setting. About half of Grafton County’s total area is in the White Mountain National Forest featuring hardwood forests and majestic alpine peaks. Many of the 4,000-foot mountains of New Hampshire are within the county. The Appalachian Trail passes through parts of at least ten towns in the county.

The second facility, an acute care, critical access hospital in Vermont, is not too far from the New Hampshire border. This northeast portion of the Green Mountain State has many opportunities to offer in the winter. Often referred to as “God’s Country” because the area is full of pristine untouched landscape, the Northeast Kingdom is an outdoorsman’s paradise.

Two Hot Jobs in Sunny & Warmer California

If snow isn’t your idea of winter fun, let’s move now to California where we have numerous hot jobs in a much warmer climate.

The first facility is a small, independent hospital with just under 250 beds about an hour north of San Francisco. Marin County will provide a winter break with a comfortable year-round climate. Here the winter temperatures rarely dip below 50 degrees. Walk in the mountains, enjoy the Pacific Coast (including fresh-caught in-season Dungeness crab), and plenty of sunshine.

The second hot job is located in Alameda County where you can enjoy typical winter temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s. This Bay Area not-for-profit laboratory is part of a large health system. The Bay Area is one of the wealthiest regions in the United States. It has moist mild winters.

One Hot Job in Frigid Idaho

(Is it obvious by ending on a cold note that I’m a winter “embracer”?)

Land a contract job in this small critical access hospital in a rural community on the eastern border of Idaho. You’ll be rewarded with unbeatable scenic views, endless adventure opportunities, and authentic western hospitality. Winter months can produce over 65 inches of snow, making this location THE place for top-rated downhill and Nordic skiing.

Ready for your next adventure?

Take a look here for our open jobs. Whether you are a winter “embracer” or “hibernator”, we’ve got what you need.

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