Unlock Your Potential: A Guide to Licenses and Certification

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Unlock Your Potential:

Your guide to Licenses and Certification in Clinical and Anatomic Pathology

Karen DiDonato ⋅ December 8, 2020

While it is possible to work in anatomic and clinical pathology without certification or state-specific licenses, getting nationally certified and/or state licensed will increase your chances of getting hired, getting a higher salary, or being considered for advancement. If you are considering becoming a traveler, having state licenses is your key to unlock multiple potential contracts.

The following three certifying agencies are most often requested by our clients:

There are currently 11 states that require a license. The components of the law vary state-to-state, but usually includes an annual licensing fee (some are bi-annual), a provision for continuing education, a minimum education and professional competency requirements.

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If you need assistance getting started with professional certification or licensing, HCI would be happy to help.

To use your certification and/or state licenses in a new job, we have positions available an anatomic and clinical pathology throughout the nation. Scroll through our available jobs or give us a ring at (954) 346-3347.

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