Meet Our Staff: Antone Bouche

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Antone Bouche, Social Media Coordinator

How long have you worked with HCI?

Although I have only worked for several months in anatomic and clinical pathology at HCI, I have worked in healthcare recruitment for over two years.

What other jobs have you held?

I previously worked as a recruiter doing travel recruitment for surgical technologists, registered nurses (RN’s), and licensed practical nurses (LPN’s). I have also worked in fitness and retail.

Describe what you do.

As social media coordinator I oversee the social media channels and co-lead the marketing aspects of HCI. I monitor, moderate and respond to audience comments, and I also create and post videos and images. I strategize and execute digital marketing campaigns then gather and analyze the results.

What are the fun aspects of your job?

I really enjoy the creative aspect: designing content. I also enjoy keeping up with the trends on social media as well as the interesting and everchanging world of healthcare.

How do you get creative outside of work?

I have multiple interests that use my creativity. I enjoy graphic design, interior design and I recently started dabbling in furniture building.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy going to the gym and biking and running outdoors. My hobbies include coffee, gaming, and movies. Coffee really brings me joy. I enjoy tasting the undertones and different flavors. It’s fascinating how the process of making coffee can really change its flavor. It’s so satisfying and definitely needed to start my day. Gaming has been a great way to keep in touch with friends especially during the quarantine.

What’s your favorite part of working for HCI?

I truly enjoy talking with people all over the country and helping them find jobs. It really is satisfying.

Antone sits in front of 2 computers in an office cubicle
Antone, wearing flannel and a baseball cap, stands in front of a filled bookshelf

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Author: Karen DiDonatoKaren, our content marketing strategist, has worked with HCI since 2004. She holds a Bachelor of Science with a concentration in communications. In her free time she enjoys baking, gardening, running, and all things Peloton-related.