Meet your Recruiter: Antwan Spivey

In this recurring Q & A series, you will learn about that person with whom you've been speaking, emailing, and texting -- your recruiter. They know a lot about you, but now it's your turn to learn about them. And you'll finally be able to see if the voice matches the person you imagined!


Antwan Spivey

How long have you worked as a recruiter?

I have worked as a recruiter for eight years with just over two of those with HCI.

Why are you a recruiter?

It all started after randomly speaking with a recruiter. We chatted for a bit about my experience in collections. It turned out I was a perfect fit for recruiting because I had customer service savvy, was easy to talk to, and I really enjoyed helping people. Even as a young adult I wanted to get into social work because of the helping aspect. When I worked in collections I used to try to find a feasible way for the person to repay their debts. I’d work with them, empathize with them, and try to be as understanding as possible since I knew what it was like to have to pay large bills.

I find recruiting is a good way to help because it can be very difficult to find work.

What’s your favorite part of being a recruiter?

I live for the placement. When a candidate has had a hard time finding a perfect fit, there is nothing better than making the call to tell them they’ve been hired.

What other jobs have you held?

I’ve had a few, but the most fun prior job was at an airport Alamo Rent A Car in Ohio because I met so many celebrities. A few of the celebs I remember meeting include Hal Williams, who played Officer Smitty on Sanford and Son; NFL player Deion Sanders; R&B groups Boys II Men and Jagged Edge; and a few WWF wrestlers.

What do you do when you are not working?

I enjoy spending time at the beach, jet skiing, gaming on my PlayStation, and planting and caring for the tropical plants in my yard.

What is your favorite vacation spot(s)?

I moved in 2011 from cold Ohio to sunny south Florida, so I tend to prefer visiting warmer places. My wife and I went in January 2020 to Cancun and I loved it. We wanted to go back, but decided to put it on hold due to the coronavirus.

How do you respond when a potential laboratory employee tells you they are unsure about using an agency for their job search?

I hear this from time to time, but there is really no downside to using HCI. It is risk free because our company’s services are free to the job seeker. You don’t pay a dime. Additionally, your resume won’t get buried under hundreds of other applicants; we’ll get your resume in front of the decision makers — they are our direct contacts.

If you worked in the laboratory, where would you want to work and why?

I think I’d prefer Microbiology. My uncle is a microbiologist. The study of a virus seems fascinating.

If you had to give just one tip for interviewing, what would it be?

My first thought was “One tip? That’s not enough”, so here are three that might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised:

      1. Don’t chew gum.
      2. Don’t use a lot of perfume or cologne.
      3. Don’t bring up money; let the interviewer bring it up.
Recruiter Antwan toasts with red wine while sitting in a darkened restaurant
Recruiter Antwan Spivey will toast to you when he helps your job search in clinical or anatomic pathology.
Recruiter Antwan holds a fish still on his reel
While out fishing with friends in Jupiter, FL, Antwan caught a red snapper.
Recruiter Antwan sits centered on an outdoor bench in Cancun with two metal framed skeletons
Antwan sits centered on an outdoor bench at Taco y Tequila in Cancun, Mexico between two well dressed metal skeletons.
Recruiter Antwan and his wife flank a colorful Cancun sign at the Panama Jack Resorts
Antwan and his wife Kim flank the colorful Cancun sign on the beach at the Panama Jack Resorts where they visited in January of 2020.
Recruiter Antwan sits with a statue in Cancun
Antwan sits with a "friend" while shopping in Cancun, Mexico.
Feeling strong before tackling the Thurmanator Burger Challenge at Thurman Cafe in Columbus, OH.
Recruiter Antwan Spivey feeling strong before tackling the Thurmanator Burger Challenge at Thurman Cafe in Columbus, OH.
Wearing a black shirt, white pants and white suspenders, Antwan sits reading Travel & Leisure while holding a cigar in his right hand
Antwan spends some time at his birthday dinner making some travel plans.

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