Raise a Pint: International Beer Day 2019

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In honor of International Beer Day on August 2, use this list of beer festivals throughout the country to visit for a day in August, or let us help you find a clinical or anatomic laboratory contract assignment nearby to attend after work.

Raise a Pint: International Beer Day 2019

Karen DiDonato ⋅ August 2, 2019

Beer Festivals August

A typical lazy summer day might including lounging by the pool, going to the beach, having barbecues, and sipping a few frothy brews. There’s nothing wrong with tipping back a few pints. In fact, according to Brewers Association of Australia, beer is actually good for you. They say it contains a high level of silicon which increases the calcium deposits and minerals for healthy bone tissue. They also report a Finnish study found that each bottle of beer you drink reduces the risk of developing kidney stones by 40%. They also say beer is full of several B vitamins (B1, B2, B6 and B12).

But… as with most everything, drink in moderation. Don’t follow the ways of the ancient Egyptians who built the pyramids while consuming about four liters a day. That’s a lot of beer!

The ancient Egyptians apparently were beer lovers. Lucky for all of us current-day beer lovers, August 2, 2019 is International Beer Day!

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In celebration of this day, I’ve prepared a list of beer-related festivals throughout the country in the month of August. Depending on your love of hops, grain, and yeast, you may consider a weekend trip or finding a clinical or anatomic laboratory contract assignment near one of these events.

Beer Festivals in August in the United States:

National IPA Day with Three Floyds 
Where: Thiensville, Wisconsin
When: August 1

Whistle Belly Festival 2019
Where: Williamsburg, Virginia
When: August 3

Wyman Tavern Brew Fest
Where: Keene, New Hampshire
When: August 3

Spirit of Hudson Food & Brewfest
Where: Hudson, Massachusetts
When: August 10

Fresh Fest 2019
Where: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
When: August 10

Downtown Brew Fest 2019
Where: Wilmington, Delaware
When: August 10

7th Annual Cape Cod Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival
Where: East Falmouth, Massachusetts
When: August 10

LA Taco & Beer Festival ‘19
Where: Los Angeles, California
When: August 10

Kenai Peninsula Beer Festival
Where: Soldotna, Alaska
When: August 10

Great Taste of the Midwest
Where: Madison, Wisconsin
When: August 10

Burning Can
Where: Hendersonville, North Carolina
When: August 10

The Great Taste of the Midwest
Where: Madison, Wisconsin
When: August 10

Oklahoma Born & Brewed
Where: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
When: August 16

Bend Brewfest
Where: Bend, Oregon
When: August 15-17

11th Annual Summer Beer Dabbler
Where: St. Paul, Minnesota
When: August 17

Stone 23rd Anniversary Rare Beer Festival
Where: Escondido, California
When: August 17

Vermont NanoFest
Where: Tunbridge, Vermont
When: August 17

Stone 22nd Anniversary Celebration and Invitational Beer Festival
Where: San Marcos, California
When: August 18

Foolproof’s Brewing’s Augtoberfest 2019 
Where: Pawtucket, Rhode Island
When: August 18

Thousand Oaks BrewFest
Where: Thousand Oaks, California
When: August 22

Simi’s Endless Summer Beer Fest
Where: Simi Valley, California
When: August 24

Where: Lebanon, New Hampshire
When: August 24

Dauphin Street Beerfest
Where: Mobile, Alabama
When: August 24

Festival of Dankness
Where: San Diego, California
When: August 24

Choctaw Oktoberfest
Where: Choctaw, Oklahoma
When: August 30 – September 2

Skowhegan Craft Brew Festival
Where: Skowhegan, Maine
When: August 31

Hopefully this list will help you enjoy a cold one (or two…). Maybe you’ll find a new favorite commercially produced or craft brew or perhaps you’ll find you love a bitter IPA over a Hefeweizen. There are so many to choose from in the serious and profitable business of craft brewing. According to the Brewers Association  retail dollar sales of craft beer now accounts for more than 24% of the $114.2 billion U.S. beer market. Although ancient Babylonians took the seriousness of brewing to a whole new level. If a bad batch was made the brewer was drowned in it. Yikes.

Beer Festivals August

Let us know which festival you would enjoy attending and we’ll be happy to help you find a clinical or anatomic laboratory contract assignment nearby. Prefer a permanent position? We’ve got that too! Check out our open jobs here.

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