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Trivia Answers

Tuesday 06/18/13

The vein of Rosenthal drains into what structure? Vein of Galen

Tuesday 06/11/13

How many cells in a taste bud? (60-80)

Thursday 06/06/13

The gene for what well known receptor is a newly-identified major locus for osteoporosis risk? Vitamin D receptor

Thursday 05/30/13

The internal portion of a microtubule is how many nanometers across? 14

Thursday 05/23/13

What surface protein on neutrohpils binds to gonococci? leukocyte association factor

Tuesday 05/21/13

What is the maximum tonicity achieved in the renal medulla? 1200 mOsm

Thursday 05/16/13

Histology: What’s a name for a platelet’s lysosomes? lambda granules

Thursday 05/09/13

How does a pathologist decide whether a smooth-muscle fibroid of the uterus is cancer? counts mitotic figures

Thursday 05/02/13

How many hydrogen bonds are there between an adenine & a thymine?  2

Tuesday 04/30/13

The T3 resin uptake actually measures the inversely proportional to the number of unbound sites on the thyroid binding proteins.

Tuesday 04/23/13

Mucus is produced by the peg cells of the oviduct.











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